Thursday, December 8, 2011

Around the World Tour and Final Reflections

This quest was kind of challenging to me. I struggled to find 10 locations. Many places I assumed would have Second Life destinations did not, like the White House! I was surprised. Overall, after reflecting on my experience I am happy to say I am done. I am glad I experienced Second Life, but really it just overwhelmed me. I need more practice before I even think about incorporating it in my classroom. I hope that I can practice a little this summer, and maybe look into how other history teachers use it in their classroom.

Here is my Around the World Tour:

The Grand Canyon is a rock formation in Western United States. Explore the area and enjoy your time out in the good ol' West.

Dubai is a up and coming city in the United Arab Emirates. The culture is rich in this city, check out the gorgeous area.

Right in my backyard, and yet I've never been. Good thing we have Second Life, I was able to check out the famous President's faces on the rock.

The Taj Mahal is an iconic location that has many interesting discoveries along the way.

Walk the long stretch of the bridge, or you can conveniently teleport to different spots on the huge landmark.

A whole continent for this landmark? It's that good, explore the many aspects of Australia in one easy to navigate location.

Head on up to see Lady Liberty up close and personal. You'll never get a view of her like this.

Not exactly a landmark, but it is such an important aspect of our nation's history. Check out the culturally rich museum.

We'll always have Paris....and with Second Life you can visit Paris from the comfort of your own home (or in my case since my home internet cannot handle Second Life the comfort of the labs at school).

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  1. Yes, you might want to add the White House.
    Second Life is challenging but there is a whole world there to learn. Don't give up, Cassie. What better place to talk with people from around the world? A Social Science teacher's heaven.